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CA State Taxes

In addition to federal taxes, the state of California levies a variety of taxes upon its residents and businesses. The tax types and rates in California are set by the state legislature and are administered by the authorized department. California has three separate tax departments that oversee the administration of different types of taxes. 

Different CA State Tax Authorities

1. Franchise Tax Board (FTB): The FTB is California's version of the IRS. It is the tax authority responsible for overseeing income tax of individuals and businesses. It is not uncommon for someone who has been audited by the IRS to also be audited by the Franchise Tax Board for similar issues. When you are audited by the IRS, notice of the tax audit and its results are automatically provided to the FTB. 

2. Employment Development Department (EDD): The EDD conducts audits involving employment and payroll tax related issues. For instance, if a business misclassifies employees as independent contractors in order to reduce its employment and payroll tax liabilities, this may trigger an audit by the EDD.  

3. Board of Equalization (SBOE/BOE): The BOE is responsible for overseeing property tax, sales and use tax, excise tax, and other special taxes and fees.